Families and Other Natural Disasters ~ Anita Goveas


Families and Other Natural Disasters is a collection of flash fiction about families, born into, created or found, how they support us or repress us, and the ways they can change us and shape us.

These stories are set in the UK and India, in aquariums, ballrooms and outer space. They follow women into volcanoes and out to sea. The characters search for lost brothers and lost selves and find prairie dogs and sea serpents.

In a debut collection rich in cultural detail, Anita Goveas beautifully explores the theme of family as one of the essential elements that hold the universe together.

Anita Goveas is British-Asian and based in London. She was first published in the 2016 London Short story prize, was a Word Factory flash of the month winner in 2017, a 2018 Creative Futures Literary Award winner (Bronze), and is one of the London Library’s 2019 Emerging Writers. She was nominated for Best of the Net, Best Microfictions and a Pushcart prize in 2018, and has two stories in Best Microfictions 2019.

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Review: forthcoming

Prompt: Think back to a family occasion when somebody revealed something which surprised you. Describe your reaction engaging each of the senses. Write freely for 5 minutes without taking a pause.

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