Famished ~ Anna Vaught


In this dark and toothsome collection, Anna Vaught enters a strange world of apocryphal feasts and disturbing banquets. Famished explores the perils of selfish sensuality and trifle while child rearing, phantom sweetshop owners, the revolting use of sherbet in occult rituals, homicide by seaside rock, and the perversion of Thai Tapas. Once, that is, you’ve been bled dry from fluted cups by pretty incorporeals and learned about consuming pride in the hungriest of stately homes. Famished: seventeen stories to whet your appetite and ruin your dinner.

Anna Vaught is a novelist, poet, essayist, reviewer, and editor. She is also a secondary English teacher, tutor and mentor to young people, mental health campaigner and advocate, volunteer and mum to a large brood. She is the author of numerous books, including the novel Saving Lucia (Bluemoose). Her work has appeared in Best British Horror, Litro, The Shadow Booth, Review 31 and many more.

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