Jokes for the Gunmen ~ Mazen Maarouf


These are stories of what the world looks like from a child’s pure but sometimes vengeful or muddled perspective. These are stories of life in a war zone, life peppered by surreal mistakes, tragic accidents and painful encounters. These are stories of fantasist matadors, lost limbs and perplexed voyeurs.

This is a collection about sex, death and the all-important skill of making life into a joke. These are unexpected stories by a very fresh voice. These stories are unforgettable.

Mazen Maarouf was born in Beirut in 1978. He is a Palestinian-Icelandic writer, poet, translator and journalist. He has published three poetry collections and two short story collections. He currently lives between Reykjavik and Beirut.

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Prompt: Locate your shopping list for this week. Pick out three items at random. Now think back to the last conversation you had with a loved one. Begin by weaving a story together and see where it leads.

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