That Time I Loved You ~ Carrianne Leung


The suburbs of the 1970s promised to be heaven on earth—new houses, new status, happiness guaranteed. But in a Scarborough subdivision populated by newcomers from all over the world, a series of sudden catastrophic events reveals that not everyone’s dreams come true.

Moving from house to house, Carrianne Leung explores the inner lives behind the tidy front gardens and picture-perfect windows, always returning to June, an irrepressible adolescent Chinese-Canadian coming of age in this shifting world.

Through June and her neighbours, Leung depicts the fine line where childhood meets the realities of adult life, and examines, with insight and sharp prose, how difficult it is to be true to ourselves at any age.

Carrianne Leung is a fiction writer and educator. She holds a PhD in sociology and equity studies from the University of Toronto. Her debut novel, The Wondrous Woo, was shortlisted for a 2014 Toronto Book Award.

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Prompt: Fast forward to ten years from now. How has your life changed? What are your interests? What makes you angry? Now write from the perspective of your older self at a moment of anger.

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