Trouble Crossing the Bridge ~ Diana Powell


The characters in these fifteen stories, while separated by time, place, age and gender, are brought together in this collection, making it a melting-pot of personality, voice, setting and plot.

All the characters have been damaged by life in some way – whether by their own psychological problems or by external circumstances such as possessive mothers or abusive fathers. The various ways in which they rise up to meet their particular challenges lies at the heart of all their stories. And they are as diverse as the individuals themselves.

Diana Powell was born and brought up in Llanelli, South Wales, and studied English at Aberystwyth University. Her stories have won, or been featured, in a number of competitions, including the 2020 Society of Authors ALCS Tom-Gallon Trust Award (runner-up), and the 2020 TSS Cambridge Short Story Prize (3rd place). Her prize-winning story, ‘Whale Watching’,will feature in the 2020 Best of (British) Short Stories (Salt). She now lives with her husband in beautiful West Wales and when she is not writing, she works in her woodland garden, or walks on the coast. 

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Prompt: Imagine that you have access to a time machine and can go back to any point in history. What period would you travel back to? Write from your own perspective as you experience this new world for the first time. Aim for 300 words.

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