Reconstruction ~ Alaya Dawn Johnson


In Reconstruction, award-winning writer and musician Johnson delineates the lives of those trodden underfoot by the powerful, and how they rise up. Meet the humans who serve a coterie of vampires in Hawaii, explore the taxonomy of anger with Black Union soldiers and the woman who travels with them during the American Civil War. Consider what you would give up for a better life in a place that you have never been. Johnson maps the people in these and other, stranger landscapes.

Alaya Dawn Johnson is an award-winning author of speculative fiction for adults and young adults. Her most recent novel, Trouble the Saints, was published by Tor in July 2020. Her short story collection, Reconstruction, was published by Small Beer Press in January 2021.

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Prompt: Stand in front of the mirror. Now describe yourself as if you are someone else. Use this as a starting point for a story.

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