Let Us Look Elsewhere ~ Mona Dash


A young boy refuses to ferry his boat. A woman orders a British accent to fit in. A lover sends messages into the void.

 Disconnection and desire go hand in hand in this powerful collection. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the glitz and glamour of Vegas, and the everyday streets of London, these beautifully observed stories explore human frailties and triumph.

Mona Dash is the author of A Roll of the Dice: a story of loss, love and genetics, winner of Eyelands Book Award 2020 for memoir. Her other published books include two collections of poetry, A Certain Way and Dawn-drops, and a novel Untamed Heart. She has been listed in various competitions, and published widely in various journals and anthologies. She is part of the British South Asian writers collective, The Whole Kahani. With a degree in engineering, an MBA, and a Masters in Creative Writing she works in a global tech company. Mona lives in London.

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Think about a journey you took where things were never the same afterwards. Sketch out the details. Now start by describing your mode of transport. Write freely for 10 minutes.

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