Small Good Things


A Brief Pause is a professional development programme for 20 short fiction writers and 12 female creative writing practitioners. Writers attended 12 two-hour online masterclasses, via Zoom, in fortnightly sessions, over a period of six months, taking them from draft to publication.

This anthology presents bold and original short stories from emerging writers who participated in the programme. Their work exudes a rare quality. It is both weird and wonderful. Tackling wide-ranging themes of family, love, friendship, mental health, and loneliness, and written in a mix of genres from contemporary fiction, fantasy, to adventure and magical realism. 

This collection will instantly transform you to faraway places, and teach you something new about the world we live in.

Featuring: Fara Butt, Claire Dibben, Ruth Frendo, Beth Goddard, Helen Harjak, Megan Holland, Nicola Humphreys, Harminder Kaur, Hanne Larsson, Sarah McPherson, Aisha Onifade, Cynthia Otote, Nisha Patel, Sue Pearson, Helen Sadler, Lui Sit, Tatiana Tatarchevskiy, Deborah Torr, Hannah Whiteoak.

Further reading:

Blossom and Sky by Hannah Whiteoak, TSS

Prompt: Write about a special tree in your life. It might be a tree that you visit often, sit under, or pick fruit from. Write about your relationship with the tree and what it means to you.

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